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Merchant API Solution – Gives Right Direction To Your Business
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Merchant API Solution – Gives Right Direction To Your Business


Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, as we know btc offers decentralized financial transaction without any assistance from a third party. Due to complicated business nature of cryptocurrency exchange and trading, We use third parties like banks to facilitate our monetary affairs. Bitcoin breaks this mediator role of third parties and provides us with a convenient and sophisticated channel for the p2p transaction.


Blockchain is an amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs. Bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange businesses can be a massive benefits to the global wealth. By using cryptocurrency trading & exchange API the right way, it boosts your business revenue.


@coinjoker gives solution is a safe, cost -effective, easy-to-use Merchant API solutions that lets you accept payments in bitcoin and other cryptocoins.



Merchant API solutions


i) Trade API

ii) Cryptocurrencies Payment gateway API

iii) Wallet API




Merchant Trade API Solutions


Trading API provides powerful automation solutions for cryptocurrency trading business startups and entrepreneurs.


  • Trade API which provides access to your trading order books, cryptocurrency pricing data and trade data charts.


  • Trade API which offers full cryptocurrency trading functionality for algorithmic & other active crypto-currency & bitcoin traders.


  • Trade API is best for many cryptocurrency based and block chain institutions & high frequency investors.


Whether you want to buy & sell bitcoins or be a bitcoin and cryptocurrency merchant, your business features are about to multiply. Coinjoker proudly gives you a bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading API solutions that you can use for all kinds of cryptocurrency transactions anywhere in the world with securely and instantly.



Merchant Payment Gateway Solutions


Start accepting bit coin & cryptocurrencies instantly with quick to use payment gateway buttons, embeddable trading forms, checkout payment pages, email invoicing options & API services for custom integrations.


As a cryptocurrency exchange business owner , you should Keep your transactions safe and secure over SSL safe aspects, there is no matter which payment gateway method is used.


Avoid payment fraud activities


When dealing with most of software for payment methods, users and exchange businesses take so many risks and costs of payment method fraud activities. With cryptocurrency or bitcoin, traders can pay without handing over sensitive personal account informations & refunds are made only through the merchant! So, you can eliminate your business risks and fraud activities by choosing coinjoker software.




Easy checkout page experience


While using payment gateway solution, customers can feel the experience quick and safe shopping from any kind of device. Coinjoker offers responsive payment and checkout page perfectly fits to any kind of size screen from desktops to smart-mobiles and which supports all top languages to accommodate global traders & customers.



Merchant Wallet API Solutions


A bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallet is just like a bank account, where you can transaction your currency.


There are 2 types of bitcoin or cryptocurrency wallets. Actually Personal cryptocurrency or bitcoin wallet that you can install and use on computer & mobile. This cryptocurrency and bitcoin wallet gives you the complete authority of your bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. But, maintaining a personal bitcoin wallet is not a easy matter. Its a little bit tricky process and need updating on bitcoin rules, regulations, security policies and transaction policies.


Coinjoker provides bitcoin & cryptocurrency wallet API integration with mobile ( Android, iOS) & Windows wallet.




Coinjoker is a software development company with clear idea and focus on high excellence software quality, timely delivered manner and cost-effective cryptocurrency exchange and trading software development.


Coinjoker provides cryptocurrency exchange software solutions, Bitcoin exchange software solutions, Full system to run a digital asset exchange software solutions, with advanced technology and fully-hosted features available for cryptocurrency startups & Entrepreneurs. 


Coinjoker cryptocurrency & bitcoin merchant API solution always say yes all the time. Take a simple consultation

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