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  • Launch Your Bitcoin Trading Platform Perfectly With Ready-Made Script !

Launch Your Bitcoin Trading Platform Perfectly With Ready-Made Script !
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Launch Your Bitcoin Trading Platform Perfectly With Ready-Made Script !



Blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency have been the most overused words on Internet for the quite a while now. Starting your own risks on establishing bitcoin trading business can change your life forever. Being bitcoin entrepreneur allows you to set your own career path of your dreams. If you do bitcoin business right way, it also means making more profit at the same time.


The biggest challenge for bitcoin trading business startups is to build the website with high-end security and more trading features. Okay, lets see about the benefits of bitcoin trading business script !


We all know that there is no shortcut to bitcoin trading business success, but there is one magic formula that can build “perfect” bitcoin trading website with an unique features people to interact. That one major important factor that rises above all others in importance: the security of the bitcoin trading business.



Security – Makes your Bitcoin Trading Business To Stand out


Security should be one of your bitcoin trading business top priority. Building a secure bitcoin trading business website is an important part of the business success scenerio. Even the best business website can result in failure without secured trading on your bitcoin trading website.


Coinjoker proudly provides a secured bitcoin escrow script to start a bitcoin trading business with more secured. The admin of the escrow can collect a fee from both the bitcoin buyer & seller for every bitcoin transaction.


Just Take a Free Escrow Demo ! Give a try with our advance bitcoin escrow script.



Launch Your Perfect Secured Bitcoin Trading Platform


Starting a bitcoin trading business platform is tough, and making one successful bitcoin trading business is even more tougher. But if you go with the right software implementations, perfect strategies for development to build your platform, you won't worry about your business growth and success.


Coinjoker exchange & trading script technologies advertise all of the following features:


  1. Ultra high performance software structure built to handle global scale industries while making everything flexible & easy to manage

  2. Capable of bitcoin trading business website performing up to 1 million bitcoin trades per second

  3. Coinjoker Fully supported on Linux & Windows

  4. Remarketer / Liquidity solution

  5. Coinjoker fully supported on Android & IOS

  6. Simple strategies and security systems management

  7. Trading & exchange performance will always be top of the line

  8. Ground-up software implementation from coinjoker enterprise professionals for a bulletproof safety system

  9. Software Built, features managed, and tested by high security database and coinjoker systems experts

  10. Issues and security detection codes on every record

  11. Advanced risk and error management systems

  12. Monitoring exchanges and trading alerts

  13. ICO solutions

  14. Smart contracts services

  15. Blockchain 2.0 solutions

  16. Cryptocurrency token services

  17. Token creation and exchanging.

  18. White-label Solution.


Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Script



About Coinjoker:

There is always competition in the blockchain market. Bitcoin trading business right strategies & security will attract new traders.


Coinjoker bitcoin exchange and trading solutions is a distributed ledger platform that’s changing the blockchain industries. Coinjoker an implement that advanced technology into an existing platform in under a 5 days for a wide variety of blockchain solutions. >>> Just Take A Free Demo To Buy Bitcoin Exchange Script !



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