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How to Approach Your Bitcoin Business With Reliability?
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How to Approach Your Bitcoin Business With Reliability?


Bitcoin brings cashless future. Bitcoin price bouncing to mountain. But the security & reliability is the mainstream in terms of investment & business. Solution is coming to your end point to break all the security & reliability causes. In business world, Every bitcoin business need to run a secured & reliable platform to create strong rapport with their traders. Because of the reason is, they are expecting secured bitcoin investment. That's it.


How you can make your traders & investors to avoid their losses in bitcoin ?


Above question drew deep attention in bitcoin community, when Tokyo based bitcoin exchange platform Mt. Gox stoled operations & filed for corrupted in February. Then again met with next big lose – Millions of bitcoin users deposit in limbo. These are things gave the hesitation behind the scnerio of bitcoin investment & its businesses.


Bitcoin ( Digital currency ) - creates much aspiration to many investors & traders that induces a lot of bitcoin based online business opportunity. Bitcoin is a top digital currency in crypto community and an associated protocol that creates buyer and seller possible to send payments to anywhere around the globe almost immediately.


Bitcoin-related transactions are secured by the collective processing power of a widely scatter computer's network & creates buyer and seller possible to establish trust even when no single party in the bitcoin network is trusted. This kind of approaches can be also used so far in many other applications and transferring ownership of digital goods.


Simply, you can create trust line between bitcoin users ( buyer & seller ) through dispute resolution approaches.


If your bitcoin trading website integrating with dispute resolution features, then you dont need to worry about bitcoin transactions. If there is a problem, dispute resolution service could step in and resolve the problem. So it could decide to either pay the seller or refund the buyer.


Online Dispute Resolution - An International Business Approach to Solving your traders problem in one hand. Keep your website with Dispute Resolution that brings your business to an international level.

Here, the buyer & seller will simply have to work out their checking process. If anything goes wrong means, buyer or seller can close the transactions. One more activity is, Once you have marked transaction is made. Particular seller can't able to cancel the payment or transactions , only the buyer can do this activity. Here, buyer wants to check where the escrow account is funded with bitcoin. Seller didn't release after the transactio then buyer will be imposed to pay money for delay.


In regards to a dispute resolution service, it would probably be possible to solve the problem between buyer and seller and set up a sort of escrow application where a third party will hold onto the funds until the buyer is satisfied. decides to release the funds to the seller.


Many new traders and bitcoin investors ask to coinjoker sales team, safety and security based questions. Actually it's not easier to explain to new users, like bitcoin newbies. We have a premium solutions for your secured based requirements.


Your ears will hear lies, But your eyes will see the truth” - Coinjoker


What coinjoker done for bitcoin businesses to bring with reliability ?


Coinjoker is looking to kick off an services for bitcoin businesses that would focus on resolving transaction disputes. The system reportedly won’t replace your existing website Rather, it will operate beside what is currently used. We made the Dispute resolution for bitcoin trading business platform to create 100% reliability.


In addition to, Coinjoker is always about thinking about secure your trading platform with recent technologies with help of escrow application which will help you 100% secured platform.




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