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  • How can do bitcoin business with margin trading features?

How can do bitcoin business with margin trading features?
Cryptocurrency Exchange

How can do bitcoin business with margin trading features?


Cryptocurrency trading platform always getting more engagement ideas for their professional traders. Some of the successful cryptocurrency trading platforms are considered to be a hot target for hackers. Last major break was the Bitfinix hack in 2016 and Bitcoin had stolen. So, security measures alone can safeguard your cryptocurrency trading business.


If you are a new to cryptocurrency trading business, there are a few features you may not be familiar with. You can easy to raise your profit and user flow by using Margin trading feature.


Margin trading attracts traders. How?


Margin trading can possible for all cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It can attract cryptocurrency traders and brilliant investors.


Meaning that, if you are a good trader but you don't have enough money to trade with cryptocurrencies, then cryptocurrency trading platform can offer you a margin trading opportunity for you! That is you can trade cryptocurrencies up to your available margin instead of getting run out from there.


What is margin trading? > Just click if you want to know!


How to make the profit on bitcoin price growth & fall?


Margin trading is a feature of cryptocurrency trading business that involves borrowing funds. This feature allows a trader to trade with their borrowed funds only. You can earn more profit when Bitcoin price goes high and down. In terms of margin trading, this is called short & long position. While choosing margin trading feature, you don't worry about bitcoin price!


For Example : cex.io ( Bitcoin Exchange Platform) – Margin-Trading Functionalities.







Traders Side Benefits:


  • Margin trading feature allows, users or traders, to take benefit of short term trading opportunities without delivery of their shares.


  • Traders can sell or buy cryptocurrencies by paying a selection of the transaction size.


  • Enhances and improves the buying & selling power of a trader


  • Traders can grab the ultra short term trading opportunity available in the cryptocurrency trading marketplace.


  • Traders can get a higher purchase by using margin trading feature.


  • No need to open unwanted extra margin accounts to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage


  • Using margin trading you can’t prevent your account balance from fall in negative values.


  • Most of the exchange website follows 1:2 and 1: 3 leverage ratio.



Investor or business owner side benefits:


Cryptocurrency trading with margin is used to acquire new traders and sustain your cryptocurrency business platform for a long time. If a business owner uses the proper and high standard principles, sure the use of margin can allow the skilled trader to grow their position & account level exponentially. Automatically, this process will increase your business profit.



About Coinjoker:


If you want to start a fast cryptocurrency trading engine with advanced order types, along with margin trading, then coinjoker cryptocurrency exchange script is the best option for your business.


If you pick the cryptocurrency exchange software with right strategy margin trading investment, the margin can dramatically increase your business profit. Take A Free Demo !

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