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  • Growth of bitcoin exchange platform with affiliate program !

Growth of bitcoin exchange platform with affiliate program !
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Growth of bitcoin exchange platform with affiliate program !


Bitcoin related businesses are still uncomfortable with its speculative technology. but it getting a little bit more steady every day. Affiliate program allow affiliates to gain more profit by driving more traffic.


It allows anyone on the globe to make some decent revenue or money on business side.


How affiliate program can convert crowd into users ?


Bitcoin affiliate programs can be achieved even without holding any bitcoin to begin with. Bitcoin exchange affiliate programs have always been a powerful source of passive income.


For example: Cex.io, Bitbay.net, Coinmate.io, Bitmax.net


Some of top business people, get started by sharing great deals on their business platform. Regardless of your affiliate program approach like with sure shot ways of expressing your business website, you have an great opportunity to make side income & eventually a permanent income from the possible effort you put in.


How affiliate program works into bitcoin exchange business model ?


Affiliate program into bitcoin exchange business is a best way to get passive income if you are run in a bitcoin exchange business website. Affiliate program works like below points :


User point of view:


  • User sign up for the service affiliate program & provide bitcoin address to another user. so your users can pay you.


  • The affiliate program service provides you a unique referral URL that points to your users website.


  • You post the URL on your own bitcoin exchange business website, Facebook, a forum signature, tweeter & whatever it is.


  • Anyone clicks your referral URL link & then makes a purchase on the affiliate service’s website.


  • The affiliate program service sees that you sent them that there customer, and you earn a possible commission on the particular purchase. That means you get paid by the affiliate service in bitcoins!


  • Many business people that click your referral URL link, the higher the chance that you will get some decent money.


  • Internet traffic is the main key part to making any kind of cash with affiliate program services.


As investor point of view:


Affiliate programs gives to high percentage revenue share , real time users reporting, on demand payment options. Full user reporting and much more details you can get through affiliate program!


Affiliate program services used for..


  • Someone who want to launch an online exchange business in the Bitcoin community, & earn a passive income.


  • Someone who wants to instantly improve their trading business by implementing the affiliate strategies, especially in the Bitcoin network.


  • Anyone from anywhere in the world, who wants to make a successful bitcoin trading business.


Does Coinjoker have an affiliate program?


Using the best bitcoin exchange software in the bitcoin marketplace you will be a successful investor affiliate earning up to high revenue share until the end of days! You can get fully automated accounting in the affiliate back end, on demand payments available @coinjoker.


Filterable databases of your traders and users details, high advanced tracking system enabling you to create as many trackers as your bitcoin trading business needed!


About Coinjoker:


Affiliate & advanced trading programs have been tried and tested by coinjoker. Definitely, you can get more profit while choosing coinjoker software with affiliate program services. Coinjoker Make sure to follow amazing ethics when applying to an bitcoin exchange software with affiliate services.


Success doesn't come and find you , you have to go and get it. The best time to get started with bitcoin exchange business might be... right now!


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