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Get Exclusive Trading Features From Digital Currency Ready Made Software !
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Get Exclusive Trading Features From Digital Currency Ready Made Software !



A lot of buzz words  is circulating in the technology space over cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a form of blockchain, the advanced technology that bitcoin and other distributed ledger methods are based on. Basically a gigantic ledger of cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain is an open & shared database that operates in a decentralized method format.


This kind of activities allows traders and users to transfer and add some information to it anonymously without security and safe aspect compromises. Cryptocurrency like bitcoin is an anonymous financial method that hire blockchain technology to operate. Instead of using a credit card to pay for an item online, traders and users can use Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.


Consider the above details in mind, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly more popular. Despite many worrying about the illegal activities and security issues that are connected with the usage of cryptocurrencies. Many bitcoin business investment companies are jumping in headfirst and creating their own bitcoin & cryptocurrency exchange business platform to stay ahead of the competition.


With that in mind, coinjoker provides high secured & Advanced trading features for cryptocurrency business investors  & Startups !  


Digital Currency Exchange With Escrow Application



How you can have your own crypto-currency exchange with high security?

Normal cryptocurrency & bitcoin exchange in the blockchain business world is a double side blade, as trading transparency can be both positive side and negative side. On the positive side, it would not show that specific trading activities. But on the negative side, it could also scare off traders who value their privacy more than anything.


“ Security Could Help Bitcoin Exchanges Gain Traders Attraction “


Escrow is a financial arrangement between buyer and bitcoin seller, where control the full transaction with safe hands. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions will be held only after checking whether the major verifications are meet each other. Coinjoker proudly provides high secure escrow application for bitcoin exchanges.


Coinjoker Software Solutions


Digital Asset Exchange - Full system to run a digital asset exchange with fully secured trading options available.


Remarketer / Liquidity Solution - Automated market-making tool , leveraging trading and third-party liquidity feature supports multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.


API Solution - With coinjoker API server, bitcoin hackers will not be able to access any trader details and single bitcoin because the bitcoin wallet is run on another secure server in an encrypted platform.


Two Factor Authentication: The standard 2 Factor Authentications like ( E-Mail Authentication and Google Authenticator ) available & protect the user log automatically.


Whitelabel Software Solution - With coinjoker cryptocurrency exchange software you can feel secure and focus on the cryptocurrency trading business part of the white label software co-operation.




Coinjoker proudly provides blockchain services and that products cover bitcoin exchange solutions, bitcoin trading solutions ,Cryptocurrency exchange solutions, cryptocurrency trading solutions, blockchain 2.0 solutions and more. If you want to start own exchange website, coinjoker can help your exchange and trading business and you can beat your business competitors easily. >>> Just take a Free Demo !

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