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Finding Out What Features Support For Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Success !
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Finding Out What Features Support For Cryptocurrency Exchange Business Success !


Cryptocurrency startups gaining more attraction in all over the globe. It may be true that many business market has helped to drive the stunning success of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. So, all cryptocurrency enthusiast is currently looking towards getting the best cryptocurrency exchange software to build their cryptocurrency exchange business website in an easy way. It is good starting point too.


When it comes to finding the best cryptocurrency exchange software, finding features are not all that easy. But I would like to share what features coinjoker offers for cryptocurrency exchange business success.


About Coinjoker & its features that supports for startup success

Coinjoker software offers the most liquid exchange website in the world. This software allowing traders and users to easily exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bcash, Ethereum Classic, EOS , OmiseGO, Iota, Monero, Dash, NEO, Zcash, Ripple and more 1400+. Coinjoker provide order types and liquidity to help traders take advantage of each and every situation.


Is possible ? How??? Cryptocurrency exchange software ! >> Relax and earn more benefit !


Feature 1 : Cryptocurrency Margin Trading

 Margin trading is an amazing type of trading function that activity involves borrowing some funds. Coinjoker software offers margin trading with some leverages on BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, ETH/BTC and ETH/USD pairs so, you can enable this feature for your cryptocurrency trading platform. Based on your requirements, more options will be added.

Just click >> If you want to more details about margin trading !



Feature 2 :Cryptocurrency Margin Lending

 Margin lending feature is great way of earning an interest on the cryptocurrency trading platform. The margin lending feature benefit is the interest ! But Cryptocurrencies value is the risk. Getting passive income with cryptocurrencies is irritating to the core and this irritation can be satisfied at price. Coinjoker margin lending feature which added other strategies and advanced settings for you !

Get info about margin lending !


Feature 3 : Customized Order Types to Match trading requirements

Coinjoker cryptocurrency exchange software offers our clients a suite of order types! They can give it to their traders. Every traders need order types for every scenario.

Get a Free Demo if you want to see Coinjoker order types!


Feature 4 :Customizable Workspace Interface

Coinjoker always concentrate on your working area according to your requirements

  1. As a investor you can organize & sort the order book section

  2. You can set your order table preferences

  3. you can enable your wished theme

  4. You can set up in browser notifications & sounds alerts


Feature 5 : Third party API Integration

API is designed and its an efficient way to create digital asset trading applications & trading tools. While choosing API , you can discover all the cryptocurrency trading possibilities.

  1. You can create your own trading charts

  2. You can enable monitoring option

  3. You can edit your order types & trading positions.

  4. track your users trading history and crypto wallets movements.


Feature 6 : Website Security

Security service provides for website traders information & transactions is software top priority. Coinjoker software is continually improving and reducing the 'attack surface' of your website infrastructure. Want more protection for you exchange and trading platform? escrow Application , AML integration , 2 way factor authentication, dispute resolution, universal 2nd factor and adds an extra layer of privacy and security services.


Advanced verification feature that helps you to monitor the honesty of your traders account, Withdrawals protection and enable advanced API key permissions! Get details about what is escrow application & benefits! Last but not least !


Feature 7 :  White-labeling Services

Coinjoker also offer our whitelabel exchange and trading software to launch your own Bitcoin , ethereum , altcoin and cryptocurrency exchange platform. Coinjoker - Bitcoin White Label Software 2017 >> Get more details !

Although all crypto investors should always do your own research before cryptocurrency exchange software investing ! I hope this article helps. If you are new to cryptocurrency exchanges and trading and need crypto based consultations Just click contact us and give your valuable details !




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