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Posted On October 09, 2017 at 06:17 PM
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Sitting on a bitcoin exchange business owner’s chair is a daunting task because with lot of business pressure and responsibilities to handle. Actually bitcoin exchange business success is depends on many factors like choosing a good exchange software to build online business website right strategies and with advanced trading tools .


Most of the entrepreneurs face a lot of challenges when starting a bitcoin exchange business. Before starting a exchange business, you must be aware of the fact that the exchange business world otherwise cannot survive without the intake of “features”. It can be said some amount of success or loss always depend on the level of exchange and trading features being chased.


“If you focus on exchange business profit, it won't work.
If you focus on features, You will get profit automatically.“

Bitcoin exchange solution want to give more trading features to bitcoin startups & cryptocurrency investors. Exchange software solution feel much better doing that because many investors and exchange business owner feels like coinjoker software are reducing their business risk instantly.

Lets’ see about the bitcoin exchange business solution feature,

High-performance bitcoin exchange software built for blockchain businesses!

# Business matching engine
Coinjoker web-based business engine provides easy access to the exchange from all devices. It offers advanced customization , trading flexibility, high level performance .

# Trade any digital asset
Digital asset exchange busienss solutions supports any public or private blockchain business models - including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Alt coin, and Ripple. Its automatically support for loyalty trading points and cryptocurrency assets.

# Advanced APIs Integrations
Coinjoker is the leading API integration solution provider for digital enterprise & blockcahin businesses. Coinjoker provides API methods like FIX, Binary, WebSocket,custom APIs.

# Advanced Financial Integrations
Integrates with high authority banking sectors and clear blockchain  business settlement & payments rails as well as 250+ national currencies.
# Integrated Multi Signature Wallet
The cryptocurrency exchange software includes multi-currency signature wallets for each implemented currency within the cryptocurrency exchange.

# Modular design Implementation
Bitcoin modular extensible design allows for truly scalable & advanced integrations with current and next-generations business services. Plugin  related business feature enables easy connection to KYC or AML integration, authentication and other cryptocurrency exchange services.


# Integrated Margin Trading & margin Lending Solutions
Nowadays, margin trading & lending business solutuions can possible for all cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It can attract all cryptocurrency traders & investors.


24/7 Bitcoin Exchange Business solutions
Coinjoker bitcoin exchange solution supports round-the-clock trading with all dedicated support people to ensure the bitcoin exchange business always up & running. This software solution implements advanced market strategies , settings and high-end trading activities supervision.



About coinjoker:

Starting & running a bitcoin exchange business is not a easy matter already you know.

Coinjoker can help your bitcoin exchange business success and want to maximize your bitcoin trading business opportunities. So coinjoker business team mostly avoid saying no to businessman's. Coinjoker want to give more trading opportunities, fulfills block-chain business requirements and want to support for startups and exchange business investors who want to take their business to the next level.

Coinjoker business solution always say yes all the time. Take a simple consultation

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