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  • Coinjoker Launches ICO Feature For Cryptocurrency Startups & Entrepreneurs

Coinjoker Launches ICO Feature For Cryptocurrency Startups & Entrepreneurs
Cryptocurrency Tokens

Coinjoker Launches ICO Feature For Cryptocurrency Startups & Entrepreneurs



As an Cryptocurrency entrepreneur, you will encounter unforeseen cryptocurrency exchange business challenges.


How to meet Your business challenges and how to beat them. Crypto business with ICO integration , you can increase your business profit instantly.


What is ICO?


ICO : ( Initial coin offering) The best way to increase your cryptocurrency business profit.


An initial coin offering method typically involves selling a new cryptocurrency at a discount value or give a token as part of a great way for a business to raise money. If that new cryptocurrency wins and appreciates in cryptocurrency value often based on success ratio, after that the new cryptocurrency selling in the public market & ICO investor has made a big profit.


Why You Choose ICO ?


Nowadays, ICO is a new method in blockchain technology, but it is a very easy and straight forward way to raise business money from investors compared to the other developing business practices. ICOs allow anyone & everyone to participate in cryptocurrency businesss without any major requirements.


ICO is completely a trusted cryptocurrency transaction. While using ICO, investors must believe the cryptocurrency founder and his ideas. Usually cryptocurrency lovers and entrepreneurs who raise money through ICO methods are serial entrepreneurs who understand growing cryptocurrency exchange businesses.


Major advantages in ICO:


Its a great way to represent a very new fund-raising method strategy. This feature allow cryptocurrency startups to create their own crypto exchange economy that let's them bypass their bank. They can use ICO is as a digital coupons and investors also hoping that their ICO value will rise with the business and profits.


Many investors and owners already making a huge impact & profit. Within a year, Most of the ICO investors raised over 1 billion USD and their business profit & popularity keeps growing.


ICO is a new method of money being traded in the crypto community and it helping cryptocurrency startup business grow & success.


I hope, this moment You know very well about ICO & Thats benefit. Here's how you can integrate ICO & Beat your business profit challenge.



You can launch your own ICO


Coinjoker help many startups and companies launch their own ICOs. Coinjoker provide all advanced features & exclusive solutions like token creation and launching.



Coinjoker ICO Exclusive Solutions



Security :


Coinjoker mainly focus the importance of security. It provide multi software layered security for our valuable clients the strongest secure and protection at all times. That exclusive security feature is implemented in our ICO infrastructure so, that you can use coinjoker ICO without any fear.



Trading & Liquidity:


Most of the ICO & cryptocurrency software solutions are not open for all the times, but Coinjoker is a non stop service provider. Many ICO investors and owners want a private exchange so their cryptocoins can be traded after the private launch.



Benefits of Coinjoker ICO Service:


  1. Multi - Address Feature: By giving a unique address to every investors, we prevent hacking and attacking people from accessing all currency at once.


  2. Multi Currencies Feature: Investors and owners can either buy tokens through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, altcoin and dash or through fiat currencies like USD or Euro.


  3. We work with you to develop contracts & create token that perfectly match your business requirements.


  1. For token protection coinjoker provide each investor their own individual account,with unique login details and transaction funding address.


  2. Coinjoker develop and design the perfect page for your ICO requirements. You need not worry about your page design and development.


  3. Completely detailed ad-min panel that offers you can view information about sending and receiving money transaction and exact locations.


  4. KYC : Coinjoker ICO feature integrates customizable KYC procedures into your cryptocurrency website.




Communicate clearly & get more details about our software features as soon as you are able. Talk to the ICO experts & don't delay !




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