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Bitcoin Exchange Software Price And Specifications
Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitcoin Exchange Software Price And Specifications


You want to create own bitcoin exchange business website, but you don't know where to start business right ?


You need to find the exact right solution.


Coinjoker - bitcoin exchange software solutions to clarify which things you need to think and evaluate before you want to launch your own bitcoin exchange website.



How to Create Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Website ?


Creating a secure Bitcoin exchange business website involves 5 basic questions:

Before getting started,


  (i) Which features are most essential to your exchange business growth and success ?

   (ii) What goal are you trying to reach with your bitcoin exchange business ?

   (iii) What is your traders expectations and requirements ?

  (iv) How the bitcoin trading activities of bitcoin exchange software should be structured ?

   (v) Which is the best quality and trading functionality software with an affordable price


If an clear idea about above questions, you can start your bitcoin exchange business surely.



Coinjoker Bitcoin Exchange Business Software Specifications



  1. Bitcoin Trade Engine : The bitcoin trade engine should be the main part of the bitcoin exchange business website. A bitcoin trade engine access activities of the transaction details such us order book, buy and sell order, executes all the bitcoin transactions and calculates transaction balances.


  2. User interface (UI) : The user interface is used to how your valuable traders or users see your bitcoin exchange business website. It's must be user friendly designed manner. the User interface should enable the user or trader to register , deposit, control and withdraw cryptocurrency and fiat currencies. View charts & current account transaction details like account balances.


  3. Bitcoin Wallet: The bitcoin wallet is the very important feature for bit coin traders. Its running on the bitcoin exchange business server. Bitcoins are stored in wallet. So, wallet needs maximum security and safety.


  4. Website Admin Panel: The admin panel of bit coin exchange business website is the equivalent value of business intelligence and management software solution. It helps the major bit coin exchange business activities and control all the activities like account transaction details, trading fees structure, liquidity of the platform, managing the all cryptocurrencies.


  5. Escrow Application: Without security feature your bitcoin exchange business cannot function properly and it's not good for your business future. So make sure you have a working with secure application before setting up anything else or otherwise you will get heavy lose in your business.


  1. AML integration : Its also a major component for your bitcoin exchange business safety purpose. We all are already know that bitcoin is very costly thing. So, AML protection is must for your business.

  2. Advanced Trading Features: While choosing coinjoker, you can get advanced trading features like margin trading and margin lending.


    If you want to expend your exchange business and get more profit means, you should implement some advanced trendy trading features and security features in your website. Because trading opportunities with security features only will impress your traders and attract new users.


Coinjoker provides bitcoin exchange software with above all advanced features for startups and crypto entrepreneurs. It's also offers Bitcoin whitelabel software solutions and merchant solutions.


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